Vivi Manufacturing Services: Excellence in Drug Production

State-of-the-Art Facility

Vivi and its partners have a large-scale manufacturing site, equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring the highest standards in drug production and storage. Our state-of-the-art facility is your gateway to pharmaceutical excellence.

Dosage Form Expertise

From tablets and capsules to sterile injectables and creams, Vivi's manufacturing capabilities span a diverse range of dosage forms.

Quality Control & Assurance

Product quality is our mantra. Vivi's integrated quality control system includes rigorous testing and validation processes, ensuring that the products meet the highest quality standards.

Biological & Biosimilars

Harnessing cutting-edge technologies and extensive expertise, Vivi specializes in the production of biological and biosimilars, ensuring efficacy and safety.

Controlled Environment Storage

Our high-grade clean rooms and controlled environment facilities ensure optimal storage conditions for even the most sensitive products.

Scale-Up & Commercial Production

Vivi's facilities are designed for scalability and flexibility. Whether you’re looking for pilot batches or commercial-scale production, we adapt and excel.

Vivi Manufacturing Services – Where Innovation Meets Production