Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients


Pioneering Excellence in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Unrivaled Expertise in API

At Vivi, we’re at the forefront of API manufacturing, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and processes to produce high-quality APIs on a large scale. Our facilities are designed for efficiency and reliability, meeting the diverse needs of the global pharmaceutical industry.

Growing Portfolio of Ready-to-Go APIs

Our catalog of ready-to-go APIs is growing. From generic to specialized APIs, we cater to all your pharmaceutical development needs.

Custom API Development

With our expertise in chemistry and manufacturing, Vivi offers custom API development services. We collaborate with our clients to design and develop APIs tailored to specific therapeutic applications.

Quality & Safety Assured

Our API manufacturing is backed by a rigorous quality control and assurance system, ensuring the highest levels of purity and consistency.

Sustainable Production Methods

Our API manufacturing processes are designed to minimize environmental impact, ensuring a greener and more sustainable pharmaceutical industry.

Cost-Efficiency & Scalability

Our facilities and processes are optimized for cost-efficiency without compromising quality. Whether you require small-scale production or large-scale manufacturing of APIs, Vivi is well-equipped to meet your demands.

Regulatory Compliance

Our API manufacturing facilities are in strict compliance with cGMP, FDA, and international regulatory standards, assuring you of the highest quality and safety.

Vivi API – The Bedrock of Pharmaceutical Innovation