Bio-Pharma Consultancy Services


Turning Vision into Therapeutic Reality

Comprehensive Drug Development Expertise

At Vivi Bio-Consulting Unit, we empower your journey from concept to therapeutic drug with a holistic approach. Leveraging our expertise in biotechnology and pharmaceutical development, we facilitate the transformation of innovative ideas into life-changing medicines

Tailored Scientific Consultation

Our team of seasoned scientists and industry experts provide tailored consultation at every stage of drug development. From target identification to preclinical studies, clinical trials, and regulatory submissions, our insights and guidance streamline your path to market.

Market Analysis & Strategy

We conduct thorough market analyses and formulate strategic development plans. Understanding the competitive landscape and identifying opportunities are key elements that Vivi Bio-Consulting brings to your drug development process.

Innovative Biologicals & Biosimilars

With a keen focus on innovative biologics and biosimilars, we harness cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to accelerate the development of biological therapeutics, ensuring safety and efficacy.

Business Development & Partnering

At Vivi Bio-Consulting, we also facilitate business development and partnering. Our strong network in the pharmaceutical industry and our expertise in negotiation and deal-making can enhance your development initiatives.

Intellectual Property Management

Protecting your intellectual property is paramount. Our IP management services help you with patent filings, trademark registration, and strategic IP portfolio management.

Clinical Trials Management

From trial design to execution and data management, our experienced clinical operations team ensures that your clinical trials are conducted efficiently and to the highest ethical standards.

Vivi Bio-Consulting Unit – Where Ideas Evolve into Therapies